All The Advantages You Get With The Films Offered By Interior Films!

Numerous materials are available to finish or cover the surfaces and enhance theri aesthetics. But, we think the best of all of the available ones are the interior films. The following advantages are the primary reasons we believe in them as the best option to cover or finish surfaces.

  • Flexible: Unlike other methods, interior films provide a flexible option to cover surfaces and allow the designers to experiment and create unique interior design.
  • Durable: The films offered by Interior Films are durable and provide an option that requires a small investment but works in the long term.
  • Sustainable: Along with being affordable, sustainability is another factor that convinces every one of our clients to choose an interior film.

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How are we here? was brought into fruition through the idea that the wrapping industry needed to be able to protect it’s standard. With easy entry to market, many inexperienced companies were offering Interior Film supply & install services with no wrapping qualifications at all. This in turn led to awful quality installation and was ruining the market sentiment towards wrapping as a viable alternative to traditional refurbishment methods. aimed to provide a service to end users and companies with a place that they could come to ensure that the “wrapping” company that they were going to hire and the quality mark that they were looking for. A portal, that would list all qualified wrapping companies that had been put through various tests to ensure a certain level of quality was met. Once such a portal was created, naturally transitioned into an extension of the companies that we worked with to become their “wrapping partner”. We aim to provide impeccable customer service through immediate responses to our clients, same day delivery, discounted rates, installation support, invitation to tenders and much more. And of course – quality materials and tools.

What do we do?
  1. Reliable supply of Interior Films & Tools
  2. Over 100 types of Interior Films in stock within the UAE.
  3. Dedicated customer support concierge.
  4. Reliable information on delivery dates of special orders. If we give you an ETA, it won’t be late.
  5. Customer Rewards Program 
  6. Opportunity to join IF Membership. Become an authorised applicator and take advantage of our extra services such as invitation to tenders, on-site support, partner rates and more.
  7. Forums for members only